03 April 2016

Shooting a film dedicated to Sasha Sokolova.


Shooting a film dedicated to Sasha Sokolova.

“Sometimes we feel abandoned here in the midst of endless space. We feel that we are just dust particles comparing to eternity. But there is something that challenges us to search. Something that challenges us to create a piece of work despite all the difficulties. It is something that is bigger than we are, something that is much higher and significant than our small lives.

Now the time has come to surrender to this driving force and to implement a project of great importance. In the beginning of April we started shooting a film dedicated to Sasha Sokolova, lead vocalist of Atlantida Project. Unhappily Sasha dwells in other dimensions, but the things that she had managed to do deserve to be told.

We have a lot of work ahead: much filming, time-consuming post-production. We plan to run the film for the first time in Autumn. We are grateful to all the people who support us and help us realising this project!"

Svetoslav Bolgarchuk
(Director of the film)